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RBP has extensive knowledge of the complex regulations for airports, Including SFO.
RBP has extensive knowledge of the complex regulations for airports, Including SFO.

We’ve advised industry leaders and met world-class expectations from civic and private clients looking to develop profitable ventures in the greater community.


Rosales Business Partners enjoys a longstanding relationship with the Port of Oakland and continues to help them by providing consultative support on their role in outreach to and engagement of small businesses for Port contracts.


Rosales Business Partners advises The City of San Francisco on how to maximize business opportunities for the small business and the minority and women-owned business communities.


Rosales Business Partners professionals have performed economic analyses regarding small business participation in airport concessions, known as availability studies, for San Jose International Airport (SJC), assisting SJC meet federal regulatory requirements associated with USDOT funding conditions.


Rosales Business Partners assists firms who target the airport industry (e.g. food service or retail concessionaires or parking operators) access opportunities and expand their business.

FASTAIRBUY (product/service)

An innovative mobile experience, FastAirBuy gives passengers a virtual experience of an airport’s amenities, security requirements and infrastructure so that they can plan their visit to optimize time and access to facilities, concessions and other airport resources. Best of all, the service generates revenue for concession businesses as well as airport proprietors.

FASTCITYGUIDE (product/service) 

Rosales Business Partners is working with JCDecaux North America, an airport advertising specialist in the world, on an innovative way to showcase information about Houston and San Francisco that goes far beyond those traditionally promoted to tourists. This approach opens up new revenue opportunities for more businesses while providing them with more affordable means of advertising.

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