We help you succeed in the public/private sector

RBP has deep knowledge and relationships with The City of San Francisco.

We’re experts in the business of public sector matchmaking. With us, you’ll find pride in innovation.  As a staff of dedicated and experienced career professionals, we can help your business or agency in a variety of ways while providing key business partnership resources. We want to get you to your goal so you can grab it and reap the benefits.

Market Access for Government To Business (G2B)
We have decades of experience assisting government clients to structure and implement effective small/minority/disadvantaged local business participation programs, particularly for construction, transportation, professional services and airport concession contracts.

Market Access for Business To Government (B2G)
We have a unique specialty in evaluating a business ability to compete successfully in the public sector and strategically assisting you in the bid/proposal offer stage so that you’re competitive and win contracts. We leverage our significant public contract experience as former in-house attorneys, experienced business owners, public transportation agency small business managers and outside consultants to assist you every step of the way.

Market Access for Business to Business (B2B)
We help entrepreneurs in early stages businesses as well as more established businesses connect with enterprises large or small on public and community development projects. Typically a large company is asked by a public owner to reach out to smaller, local or minority companies for participation in a public contract. In these cases, RBP can assist either the larger company reach out to local business community or connect the small business owner with the larger business enterprise.

We have experience and capabilities in airports, local streets and state highway agency programs, and municipal and state transit agency systems, focusing on:

  • Strategic planning
  • Public contracting
  • Management training
  • Providing high level advice on propose federal, state and local legislation
  • Drafting proposed state or local legislation or policy initiatives
  • Designing Agency Procurement Program contract administration conditions specific to Design, Construction, or Supply-Quotes contracts
  • Designing Agency Procurement Program Bid & Request for Proposal (RFP) evaluation, selection, and award procedures
  • Preparing, Implementing, and managing the RFP, Construction Bids, and Supply-Quote contracts
  • Maintaining relationships with federal regulators and administrators
  • Advocating for the interest for our clients
  • Providing advice and guidance to Public Agencies and Stakeholder Businesses in transportation activities governed by the U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Agency Program Policies, Planning and Services, unique to the Agency’s business of the public sector
  • Stakeholder Small Business Services, Products and Practices relating to Agency and Small Business activities
  • Conducting Outreach and collaboration with community stakeholders
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